Day Four, Sunday, Sept 25th, 

7am for Coffee and Danishes.. Then Saddle up for a quick morning ride that heads out @9am.  The ride will return by 11 so all can get de-camped before noon.  

Please remember to clean your camp area, if you brought it please take it with you or use the designated trash trailer if it's bagged properly.

 Join us Next Year... and bring a friend!

Dinner again will be served @ 6 we consider it our special night and plan to have something special.  This is the night that the Ranchers come to dine with us,  so be sure to wear your fancy go to dinner clothes and take the time to find them and let them know how much we appreciate the opportunity to ride on their ranch. After dinner we will finish up the business parts quickly so we can get right to the main Event of the evening.  Mr. Andy Hersey will be joining us again.   He is always entertaining with his stories of living and working on the ranches that border Mexico.  Dancing is always suggested so bring your tap shoes.

Day Three - Saturday, September 24th, 2016

Early Risers 7am breakfast again… that’s right you know what you’re doing so go ahead and do it. 

@9am not too early for those who went to bed late last night will head out for the organized ride, don’t worry you’ll be back in time for all the festivities this afternoon.

Lunch – you’re on your own today, unless you can get your neighbor to make you a sandwich.  We all know you will be busy preparing your Equine for the Equine Hat Competition.  Don’t forget your own costume, birthday suits are not allowed.  (At least that's what they told me after trying it one year.) 

@ 1:30 the parade will begin for the Equine Hat Competition.  If you are not participating you’ll want to arrive early for the best seats along the fence line.   Be sure to bring your own seat as those will not be provided.  And if it’s sunny you may want to bring your shade too, and since I’m at it.. go ahead and bring your adult beverage.  If you are participating, thank you so much for something to look at, otherwise we’d all look pretty silly staring at the empty arena. 

​Immediately following the Equine Hat Competition will be our Famous Gymkhana.  Events are still to be decided there will be no prior knowledge so no one can practice.  We like living on the edge during this competition. 

Day Two - Friday, September 23rd, 2016
         Up an at 'em early @ 7:00am breakfast potluck style bring it over and add to the spread or if you're the lazy type just have your coffee on your grass porch.  
         Saddle up @ 9 30 am - Organized ride heads out.  You have the option of taking the Short route or continuing on the long ride after the Lunch Time "Tea stop - serving finger foods with ice cold water bottles".  
         For the short riders back at camp enjoy refreshment of your bringing while you wait for the long riders to return.  Join us under the big tent for Social/Happy Hour.  No worries as Dinner will be served under the big tent @ 6pm.
         After dinner entertainment will be provided by returning performer, Cooper.  He brings a  young voice with a range of music genre's. Sometimes he takes requests so bring your favorites to suggest. Remember tomorrow is another big day so don't overdo it unless of course you want to. 

Day One - Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

11am - 1pm :  Be greeted by the official welcome         team.  Pick up your ride T Shirt and information       packet.  Drop off your Lanyard to be stamped           with the new date or if you’re a new rider pick up     your official ride ID.  Don't worry if you can't             make it early we will have the T shirts available         all weekend.

 2:30 pm   :   Organized Ride leaves out for a short
     ride with a "tequila stop" or you can ride on              your own
Social/Happy hour under the big Tent...  Consider this a good time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. 

Dinner will be served @ 6pm
Entertainment will immediately follow dinner.  It's still in the planning stages, but no worries there will be a stage, and perhaps some dancing girls.

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